The Science of Mental Toughness.


Polly TeachingWhat Sets a Champion and a Great Athlete Apart?


"You can't outperform your self-image."
– Dennis Connor


At times, the difference between winning and losing is a fraction of a second, so what then sets a great athlete and champion apart?

Ongoing research repeatedly supports facts that mental discipline * backbone * mental training is crucial in:

  • Achieving one's performance goals using a clear mind * creating a relentless solution focused approach to overcome any obstacle.
  • Conserving lasting endurance * reinforcing continual courage * consistency under pressure.
  • Keeping the fun in your sports games.


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Regardless of chosen sport, turning your potential into 'best performances' and competitive greatness requires:

  • Knowing how to give your all to consistently perform well under pressure * accountability.
  • Grasping how to proficiently and successfully supercharge your performances * reframing mistakes * rejecting the negative.
  • Consistently striving to make your best performances, your ordinary performances * full commitment.
  • Becoming knowledgeable and skillful in preventing a slump, athletic tanking or athletic choking. Competitive, athletes must always be prepared to burst out of a slump.